Who is Sasquatch Fuel?

We do backpacking food!

Sasquatch Fuel, LLC is located in Bozeman, Montana.  The philosophy is, those who seek adventure in the backcountry have an inner Squatch.  Squatch’n out can mean; climbing, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, hunting or any other outdoor related activity one might enjoy.  However, all Squatches require fuel to keep going and endure the elements.  That’s where Sasquatch Fuel comes in.  Our meals are guaranteed to fuel your inner Squatch!


The foundation of Sasquatch Fuel is built upon exploration, nutrition and sustainability.  Sasquatch Fuel encourages backcountry exploration by providing key nutrients in the form of gourmet instant meals to outdoor enthusiasts.


Our Instant meals just require boiling water.  Only the finest ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers.  Additionally, through many blind taste tests and countless hours spent in the kitchen our meals have been custom formulated to resemble family-held recipes.  All meals are manufactured under USDA supervision and guidelines.  Furthermore, meals that contain meat have USDA certification.  Using only top quality, no nitrates added, “ground” beef jerky; an old school replacement for freeze dried meats.  Also, all of Sasquatch Fuel’s instant meals are shelf stable and have a 2 year expiration date.


Lastly, a core component to Sasquatch Fuel is sustainability.  Litter has become a serious problem outdoor enthusiasts encounter while traveling in the backcountry.  All our meals are served in Omnigradable pouches.  These pouches will breakdown wherever microbes are present (lakes, rivers, soil, etc), however they will not break down in your pack or on shelves.  Let’s face it, litter happens, these pouches are a solution and a last line of defense for the ecosystem.