Social Media Launch (Thank you!)

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Yesterday was a very humbling day for us at Sasquatch Fuel. As many of you know yesterday (9/17/2015) we launched our social media (facebook, twitter, instagram & pintrest) and officially launched the main webpage. We were completely blown away by your responses to our facebook page and the traffic received on our website. Our biggest aspiration in…….

Earn Your View

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It’s never been about the destination, always the journey.  The hard-work, sweat and fatigue makes the destination enjoyable.  That moment everything goes blank and reaction replaces thinking.  One step in front of the other, one voice and one voice only, saying “you got this”.  Your body becomes the prime example of Newton’s first law, for an object that is in motion will stay in motion.  This is what must be done to earn your view, what must be done to … Read More

Tips to Get Into Shape For Backpacking Season

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Want to out perform your friends on this summer’s backpacking trip?  If your anything like us at Sasquatch Fuel, their is always room for friendly competition!  This blog provides some key tips on turning last holiday’s feast into this summers six pack, aka getting into shape for those long arduous journeys into the backcountry.