Yesterday was a very humbling day for us at Sasquatch Fuel. As many of you know yesterday (9/17/2015) we launched our social media (facebook, twitter, instagram & pintrest) and officially launched the main webpage. We were completely blown away by your responses to our facebook page and the traffic received on our website. Our biggest aspiration in launching these platforms is to engage with our community aka “the Squatch family”. We want to share our journey in real-time allowing you to be a apart of it. Without our Squatch family we are nothing. Let’s be clear, whether you follow our journey or just bought a pouch before the big trip, you are a part of the Squatch family. Now, this journey is not just about us. We want to hear from you too! If you have meal ideas, comments, concerns or questions do not hesitate to let us know! That is why we have a Snapchat account, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and contact page.
We cannot express how excited we are to introduce ourselves and our products to the community. The last three years have gone by while we worked tirelessly behind the curtain to form Sasquatch Fuel into what it is today. We recognize that this social media launch is only the beginning. Technically, we haven’t even started yet. The work will only get harder, but with that said, will only get more exciting!
We will have a soft product launch announcement coming soon. Until than, you can expect to be updated on the latest Squatch news.
One last announcement, we at Sasquatch Fuel would like to take an opportunity to meet you (Squatch family) while giving back to our community. Keep an eye out for a community service “party”. This would entail free BBQ, good people and a good time, while participating in a trail clean-up around the Bozeman area.

Until next time Squatch Family, thank you as always!