This list could possibly make you the coolest cat in the backcountry.  Seriously, have you ever thought of setting fire to Doritos?  Read below and we’ll tell you why you should.


TIP #1

Illuminate your tent with a headlight and a water bottle.


source: Rothco camping

TIP # 2

Last night’s rainstorm rolled in, you left out, arguably, one of the most important items on the trip (hint: TP). Now, poison oak accidentally finds itself in the stack of leaves you grabbed.  We wont say more!  Don’t let that happen to you!

Source fieldandstreamcom

Source: fieldandstream.com

Tip #3

Get a headlight with a red light so your friends don’t hate you.  This one is somewhat common sense.  Don’t be the person who blinds everyone in camp.


TIP #4

I admit, i have a caffeine problem.  As does everyone here at Squatch HQ.  For all you caffeine loving people out there, you have options.   No Instant coffee or press?  Not a problem.  Use a coffee filter and some floss to tie a “coffee bag”. Dunk the bag like you would if it was tea.



TIP #5

Duct tape can be your best friend when your in the backcountry.  Have a blister?  Slap some duct tape over it and move along! Use your imagination, duct tape can provide many quick fixes when the going gets rough.

TIP #6

Rope is just like duct tape in a sense.  It can make life in the backcountry a whole lot easier.  whether, stringing a pack up away from bears or throwing up a line to dry clothes, the use for rope is endless.

TIP #7

If the kindling is to wet, it’d be pretty cool if you had Doritos!  Apparently they are flammable.

Source macbrosplacecom

Source: macbrosplace.com

TIP #8

This is Genius!  Gone are the days you must worry about what to do with your wet soap.  No more reaching into that slimy soaped up zip lock.  Instead, use a knife or grater to shave off an individual shower slice.

Source asubtlerevelrycom

Source: asubtlerevelry.com