The Problem


Over the years the founders of Sasquatch Fuel started to become increasingly aware of aluminum meal pouches being littered and half burnt in the back country.  Several Conservationists and Park Rangers we had talked to had encountered the same problem.   We Knew right away we had to find a solution!

The idea was simple (or so we thought), to find a material that could breakdown outside without destroying the ecosystem.  More than that something that could be burnt in fire permissible areas.


It was more than three years ago we accepted the challenge.  We were perfect for this mission because we loved the outdoors, had years of experience in the food industry, and loved to cook our own homemade backpacking meals.

Little did we know, it would take several years to discover a technology that could do what we wanted.


The Story of Omnidegradable Technology


Many brilliant inventions happen by accident.  In fact, the organic compounds found in our pouch were just that, and accident.

In this instance, a scientist who had a passion for fishing sought out to create a fishing lure that would be more attractive to fish.  The scientist made several fishing lures and placed them into a freshwater river.

Weeks later, the fishing lures in the river appeared to be melting in the cold water.  What the scientist found was the organic compounds in the lures attracted the microbes in the water.

Here comes the science.

Together, the microbes and organic compounds form Enzymes (acting like acids) that can break the long-chain molecules of the polymers into small, bite sized pieces which enable the microbes to consume them.  The bi-product being water, and a small amount of organic Bio-mass (plant food).

Pretty cool huh?


Our Pouches, (The Solution)


We have meticulously field tested our pouches for practicality and function.  Our pouches hold boiling water and feature a side gusset to stand alone.  Also, a zipper for keeping heat contained in the pouch while cooking.

Our pouches do not depend on heat, water, sunlight or oxygen to degrade.  they only rely on ever-present microbes in soil or water.

We do not condone of littering in the back country.  These pouches should either be burnt in fire permissible areas or packed out.  This innovation is a solution, and should only be used as a last line of defense for our ecosystem.

Don’t worry our pouches will not breakdown in storage or on shelves.