Gourmet Spaghetti & MeatSauce


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Gourmet Spaghetti & MeatSauce

Instant gourmet meal

Serving size 1 – 2

Dry weight: 4.49 oz

Hands down the spaghetti & meatsauce is a favorite!  We use Pasta spirals, a savory tomato sauce, high-quality dehydrated ground beef, family held Italian spices (over 10 different ingredients).  We hope you enjoy this entree as much as we do!  Guaranteed to fuel your inner Squatch as well as make your taste buds tingle!


Instructions: add 2 cups (16oz) of boiling water to Omnigradable pouch, stir thoroughly, zip top of pouch and wait 10 minutes.  Let the refueling begin!


Additional information

Weight 4.49 oz
Dimensions 6.5 x .25 x 10 cm


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